Thinning & Pruning Services Sydney

Sydney Wide Tree Cutting are dedicated to taking good care of your trees and shrubs. Proper thinning and pruning is essential in order to maintain good health. Ensuring the structural integrity and the aesthetics of your trees and shrubs.

Keep Your Shrubs and Trees looking Beautiful and Safe

We know how people love their garden. Our fully trained staff members we employ ensure that your trees look aesthetically pleasing and beautify your land. We can make certain that your trees and shrubs thrive and live longer. In addition making them safe for you to enjoy.

Professionally Trained Expert Arborists

SWTC have professional expert trained Arborists that can thin and prune your trees / shrubs. Helping to remove any unsafe or sickly material. This includes overgrown dead, dying, diseased or damaged limbs. Furthermore increase light/air penetration by selective thinning to eliminate potential hazards. Also tree pruning is a great benefit to a tree or shrub. This procedure should be done by an expert. If done the incorrect way it can do more harm to the tree than help.

In addition if the branches are cut in the wrong places, the tree may be weakened. This may cause it not grow in the shape you like. Also over pruning a tree or shrub while still young it can lose to many of it’s branches and leaves that are required for the health and growth of the tree. In turn can lead to sickness and in and in some circumstances even death of the tree.

We Prune to Industry Standards

Sydney Wide Tree Cutting prunes to industry approved guidelines and standards. Giving you peace of mind knowing your trees and shrubs will receive the proper standard of care.

Contact Sydney Wide Tree Cutting to Find Out More

If you would like a free quote on our pruning services or to speak to one of our staff. Then please call Sydney Wide Tree Cutting today on 0406 373 737. You can also send us an email by visiting our contact page. We will get back to you very soon.